Drive in Pallet Racking

Drive-In Pallet Racking is a system of Top Tie Beams and Frames together with Storage Rails. This racking system is used for storing products that are usually packaged and located on pallets or in spillages.

The systems are designed around your storage requirements. Systems are designed to cater for either standard Chep type pallets or Euro pallets, special sized pallets / spillages.

Drive In systems allow for high density storage with Pallet retrieval from one side only, with Drive Through retrieval is from both sides.

An excellent storage medium for seasonal stock or slow stock movement products. It is an ideal system for Cold Stores and Chillers and for large bulk storage operations.

A similar system for dense storage is Push Back Racking which gives dense storage but utilising Rollers or Trolleys to take the Pallets into the system.

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